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Change Management


Change Management: SHIFT

We design effective change processes in your company and make them tangible on an individual and organizational level. We call this, Success Shaping-configure succes’

Whether it’s about digital transformation, repositioning, or radical transformation – giving yourself, teams, or a whole organization out of old patterns and routines, and facing new challenges is never easy. Those who do not dare the process of renewal will be changed by the environment and that usually happens without their own control. With our tried and tested processes we support you in mastering the necessary changes effectively and sustainably. In doing so, we take a look at the whole, in order to involve your relevant system in an entrepreneurial and responsible manner and to give you control. Our goal is achieved when an effective synchronization of people and organization within the framework of the change is achieved and felt by the participants.

Our particular approach is to clearly articulate and emotionally integrate the need to act in the organization. On this basis, we develop powerful visions of the future and effective strategies with those involved. That’s why we call this process SHIFT, because it brings you to a new level.

Guaranteed success:

  • Transparency, predictability and orientation at the beginning of the process
  • Gaining new security through change of perspectives, 3rd order solutions, linking soft and hard facts
  • Effectiveness, flexibility and clarity to complete the process


  • Phases according to Tichy, Scharmer
  • Process models analogous to system theory
  • Strategic Tools to Pralahad, Tichy, Malik
  • Large Group Conferences (Strategic Dialogues, Open Space)
  • Action Learning, Learning Travel

Team Development


Team Development: CONCERT

Real teams are like powerful orchestras that synchronize their energies and rhythms. We support you as a team to achieve effective progress within defined strategies. Therefore, we develop goals, roles, responsibilities and behavior of the members and the processes how to achieve a harmonious orchestra.

Our goal is achieved when the team achieves an effective synchronization of entrepreneurial challenges and personal motives and creates a positive external impact.

Our particular approach is to synchronize individuals’ heads, hearts and hands to a common game. That’s why we call this process CONCERT, because you do not need a collection of ego soloists, but a harmonious orchestra!

Success Guarantees:

  • Joint, ready-to-implement decisions
  • Mandatory Values ​​
  • Bold, solution-oriented dialogues
  • Attractive perspectives for all involved


  • Grpi
  • Team Coaching
  • Outdoor Items
  • Tough Love Feedback, RRR Creativity Approach

I Development


I Development: I-E-PROFIL

A world that barely stands still and organizations that are becoming increasingly complex place different demands on us as human beings than we used to. Often it is no longer enough just to do something different, just to continue learning. Rather, the question arises as to whether our inner “operating system” is also developing. Our I-Development Profile, a developmental psychological personality tool for executives, consultants and HR professionals, starts right here.

Global empirical research clearly proves that executives can be more flexible and contextual with increasing personal maturity. But also in other roles, both professional and private, you will be able to do much more if you go into inner development. With our first-person development profile as a starting point, you can specifically promote this.

Other personality tests usually measure characteristics, behavioral preferences or motives. On the other hand, our I-E profile™ starts with the inner core of a human being: his ego structure, which develops in clearly distinguishable stages. This allows you, for example:

Success Guarantees:

  • to foster a focus on real development – not just skills.
  • More effective leadership development
  • strong momentum for executives and leadership teams (mainly at the executive level)


  • To confront your own ego structure
  • Recognize the achievements and limits of its current level of development
  • Gain targeted impulses for further personal growth
  • skill and personality training
  • Collegial Supervision and Development Partnerships
  • Analysis and Localization through the Leadership Pipeline



Pulse: PULSE

Our impulses are a modular offer for you and your circle of management, if you want to deal with challenges in a compact, in-depth and structured manner to your organization and your business model – whether digitization, new work or other topics that you can not keep your eyes off.

We combine four modular building blocks based on your specific situation, which we design individually for you. You will experience exciting thematic impulses that will take you deliberately beyond the usual. Linked to our consulting know-how, you will draw first conclusions and recognize where the first options for action and ways of change become feasible for you and your management.

Pulse 1 : Beyond the Box
Everything is working, but there is no new inspiration with scope and stimulating momentum for your organization?

We offer spaces of thought across borders, in which new forces can be developed and developed. The design of this seminar shows new perspectives from science, social changes and organizational development. Impuls 1 is the exciting lecture that challenges perceptions and basic assumptions about the socio-technical interfaces of your organization.

Pulse 2 : The Synchronium
The challenges are visible and understood – but what does that mean for you?

After the keynote speech, you will engage in in-depth contact and exchange with other managers or organizations, the initiator or scientists. You will be guided in depth and reflect what this means for your strategies and patterns of action, and what are the consequences for you and your organization. As a participant, you have the opportunity to set a practice field to transmit and test the impulses. Experience the transfer to the everyday business and the prelude to an effective change live.

Pulse 3 : bounds
“If I could, then …!” – but how do you and your leadership team succeed in opening up new perspectives on the present and shaping your future?

With the module “shifting borders” we synchronize the perception of our own boundaries with your external reality. A personal basis is laid by the reflection of one’s own emotional journey through the past life and rehearsed approaches for the transfer in one’s own life and in the professional environment by trial and error.

Pulse 4 : mastering complexity
How do you organize future success?

A tension between successes in the past, often highly dynamic markets and increasingly unpredictable developments requires a new quality of entrepreneurial action. We take you on this journey and generate with you a map of your current business situation. On this basis, we can use you / your team to set the new rules that will allow you to be successful in the short and medium term. To do this, we complement each other on the advisory board and bring different skills and perspectives into the cooperation with you. The result is a first, actionable sketch of a change process based on the change formula (pressure to act, future vision, and first steps).


  • Gain momentum and energy for day-to-day business
  • Develop new perspectives for yourself and your organization
  • Check or correct your own perception
  • approaches on how to do this for your organization

Leaders Development


Leaders Development: DIRECT

Their behavior and self-image as leaders shapes the culture of an organization and significantly influences the motivation of employees. The ever-increasing dynamism of the business environment demands a skilful balancing act between guiding and activating resources. Our goal is achieved when a powerful interaction between corporate strategy and concrete management understanding is achieved. The path to this is embedded in a development process in which, as a management team, you can test effective steering skills, the development of moves and results-oriented control tactics.

Our special approach is to make the effectiveness of your leadership in the field of tension between strategy, culture and operational action visible in the team, and to derive meaningful interventions and action patterns from it. That’s why we call this process Direct.

Success goals:

  • Develop the effectiveness of leadership teams
  • Build conversion and control energy
  • Ensure mental and physical fitness of the executives
  • Implementing concrete projects


  • Grpi
  • Action Learning in hierarchy and cross-departmental groups
  • skill and personality training
  • Collegial Supervision and Development Partnerships
  • Analysis and Localization through the Leadership Pipeline



Coaching: SOLOIST

Focusing on new goals or creating novel solutions to problems are common topics in coaching. The primary goal of our company is to find the highest level of personal effectiveness. We develop with you a clear orientation to the inside and outside, so that you as a personality radiate powerful action security. Our customers benefit from our analytical tools as well as the situational intuition of many years of experience.

Our goal is achieved if, with our support, you have become aware of and integrated your strengths and weaknesses, blind spots and behavioral patterns, and you have been able to develop a personal strategy for yourself.

Our particular approach is to work with you on psychologically sound foundations to create an effective, integrated developmental idea that you can effectively execute. That’s why we call this process soloist.


  • Strengthen strengths, develop individual solutions
  • Personal positioning, role identity and action security
  • Identification of individual learning and action fields
  • channel energy, integrate emotions and make decisions


  • Personal Preference and Leadership Profiles
  • Solution-oriented and systemic coaching concepts
  • Pattern and impact analyzes
  • Meditation, Zen techniques, self-reflection
  • ego development according to Dr. med. Thomas Binder