Our impulses are a modular offer for you and your circle of management, if you want to deal with challenges in a compact, in-depth and structured manner to your organization and your business model – whether digitization, new work or other topics that you can not keep your eyes off.

We combine four modular building blocks based on your specific situation, which we design individually for you. You will experience exciting thematic impulses that will take you deliberately beyond the usual. Linked to our consulting know-how, you will draw first conclusions and recognize where the first options for action and ways of change become feasible for you and your management.

Pulse 1 : Beyond the Box
Everything is working, but there is no new inspiration with scope and stimulating momentum for your organization?

We offer spaces of thought across borders, in which new forces can be developed and developed. The design of this seminar shows new perspectives from science, social changes and organizational development. Impuls 1 is the exciting lecture that challenges perceptions and basic assumptions about the socio-technical interfaces of your organization.

Pulse 2 : The Synchronium
The challenges are visible and understood – but what does that mean for you?

After the keynote speech, you will engage in in-depth contact and exchange with other managers or organizations, the initiator or scientists. You will be guided in depth and reflect what this means for your strategies and patterns of action, and what are the consequences for you and your organization. As a participant, you have the opportunity to set a practice field to transmit and test the impulses. Experience the transfer to the everyday business and the prelude to an effective change live.

Pulse 3 : bounds
“If I could, then …!” – but how do you and your leadership team succeed in opening up new perspectives on the present and shaping your future?

With the module “shifting borders” we synchronize the perception of our own boundaries with your external reality. A personal basis is laid by the reflection of one’s own emotional journey through the past life and rehearsed approaches for the transfer in one’s own life and in the professional environment by trial and error.

Pulse 4 : mastering complexity
How do you organize future success?

A tension between successes in the past, often highly dynamic markets and increasingly unpredictable developments requires a new quality of entrepreneurial action. We take you on this journey and generate with you a map of your current business situation. On this basis, we can use you / your team to set the new rules that will allow you to be successful in the short and medium term. To do this, we complement each other on the advisory board and bring different skills and perspectives into the cooperation with you. The result is a first, actionable sketch of a change process based on the change formula (pressure to act, future vision, and first steps).


  • Gain momentum and energy for day-to-day business
  • Develop new perspectives for yourself and your organization
  • Check or correct your own perception
  • approaches on how to do this for your organization