Their behavior and self-image as leaders shapes the culture of an organization and significantly influences the motivation of employees. The ever-increasing dynamism of the business environment demands a skilful balancing act between guiding and activating resources. Our goal is achieved when a powerful interaction between corporate strategy and concrete management understanding is achieved. The path to this is embedded in a development process in which, as a management team, you can test effective steering skills, the development of moves and results-oriented control tactics.

Our special approach is to make the effectiveness of your leadership in the field of tension between strategy, culture and operational action visible in the team, and to derive meaningful interventions and action patterns from it. That’s why we call this process Direct.

Success goals:

  • Develop the effectiveness of leadership teams
  • Build conversion and control energy
  • Ensure mental and physical fitness of the executives
  • Implementing concrete projects


  • Grpi
  • Action Learning in hierarchy and cross-departmental groups
  • skill and personality training
  • Collegial Supervision and Development Partnerships
  • Analysis and Localization through the Leadership Pipeline