A world that barely stands still and organizations that are becoming increasingly complex place different demands on us as human beings than we used to. Often it is no longer enough just to do something different, just to continue learning. Rather, the question arises as to whether our inner “operating system” is also developing. Our I-Development Profile, a developmental psychological personality tool for executives, consultants and HR professionals, starts right here.

Global empirical research clearly proves that executives can be more flexible and contextual with increasing personal maturity. But also in other roles, both professional and private, you will be able to do much more if you go into inner development. With our first-person development profile as a starting point, you can specifically promote this.

Other personality tests usually measure characteristics, behavioral preferences or motives. On the other hand, our I-E profile™ starts with the inner core of a human being: his ego structure, which develops in clearly distinguishable stages. This allows you, for example:

Success Guarantees:

  • to foster a focus on real development – not just skills.
  • More effective leadership development
  • strong momentum for executives and leadership teams (mainly at the executive level)


  • To confront your own ego structure
  • Recognize the achievements and limits of its current level of development
  • Gain targeted impulses for further personal growth
  • skill and personality training
  • Collegial Supervision and Development Partnerships
  • Analysis and Localization through the Leadership Pipeline