Focusing on new goals or creating novel solutions to problems are common topics in coaching. The primary goal of our company is to find the highest level of personal effectiveness. We develop with you a clear orientation to the inside and outside, so that you as a personality radiate powerful action security. Our customers benefit from our analytical tools as well as the situational intuition of many years of experience.

Our goal is achieved if, with our support, you have become aware of and integrated your strengths and weaknesses, blind spots and behavioral patterns, and you have been able to develop a personal strategy for yourself.

Our particular approach is to work with you on psychologically sound foundations to create an effective, integrated developmental idea that you can effectively execute. That’s why we call this process soloist.


  • Strengthen strengths, develop individual solutions
  • Personal positioning, role identity and action security
  • Identification of individual learning and action fields
  • channel energy, integrate emotions and make decisions


  • Personal Preference and Leadership Profiles
  • Solution-oriented and systemic coaching concepts
  • Pattern and impact analyzes
  • Meditation, Zen techniques, self-reflection
  • ego development according to Dr. med. Thomas Binder