We design effective change processes in your company and make them tangible on an individual and organizational level. We call this, Success Shaping-configure succes’

Whether it’s about digital transformation, repositioning, or radical transformation – giving yourself, teams, or a whole organization out of old patterns and routines, and facing new challenges is never easy. Those who do not dare the process of renewal will be changed by the environment and that usually happens without their own control. With our tried and tested processes we support you in mastering the necessary changes effectively and sustainably. In doing so, we take a look at the whole, in order to involve your relevant system in an entrepreneurial and responsible manner and to give you control. Our goal is achieved when an effective synchronization of people and organization within the framework of the change is achieved and felt by the participants.

Our particular approach is to clearly articulate and emotionally integrate the need to act in the organization. On this basis, we develop powerful visions of the future and effective strategies with those involved. That’s why we call this process SHIFT, because it brings you to a new level.

Guaranteed success:

  • Transparency, predictability and orientation at the beginning of the process
  • Gaining new security through change of perspectives, 3rd order solutions, linking soft and hard facts
  • Effectiveness, flexibility and clarity to complete the process


  • Phases according to Tichy, Scharmer
  • Process models analogous to system theory
  • Strategic Tools to Pralahad, Tichy, Malik
  • Large Group Conferences (Strategic Dialogues, Open Space)
  • Action Learning, Learning Travel