Digital transformation or repositioning are common reasons that make far-reaching change processes necessary. Companies are changed or they change themselves.
With our proven processes and structures, we put you in the position to analyze and implement radical changes quickly and effectively, effectively and in a humane way. By combining our experience, we shape your success in complex systems and seemingly hopeless situations.


  • Fundamental change, novel problem solving, cognitive understanding and awareness
  • Careful and radical changes throughout the system (human and organization)
  • Linking soft / hard facts
  • 3rd Order Solutions: Defining the new game and the new board


  • Phases according to Tichy, Scharmer
  • Process models analogous to system theory
  • Strategic Tools to Pralahad, Tichy, Malik
  • Large Group Conferences (Strategic Dialogues, Open Space)
  • Action Learning, Learning Travel

Case study: