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Why digitization is just a marginal issue

Personality development as an instrument in change

Everyone talks about digitization, opportunities, opportunities and difficulties. But in terms of digitization, companies are not really concerned. Digitally designing, recording and using data, procedures and processes is not only standard in industry today.

Digital transformation is the real sticking point, the process of change that takes place in the minds of employees and executives to overcome complexity. In order to tackle this challenge effectively and sustainably within the company, project groups or training courses are definitely not enough. “From a psychological point of view, there are enough comprehensible reasons to boycott such incisive changes in thinking and acting,” says the psychologist. Thomas Binder of Synchronize Consulting. He has been researching for years to prove the connection between ego development and effective

counseling and has come up with amazing results. In his current book, he explains in depth his research work: “Successful consultation requires some non-technical skills that are significantly related to personality development.” In concrete terms, that behavioral training is not sufficient, but attitude, attitude and world view represent the edge over which it to look at.

“Are you just learning or developing?” (Dr. Th. Binder)

Effective change management paired with the development of people and organizations closes the gaps in the system, because the individual levels of maturity are in an unconditional interaction. This means that, as was the case with Masslow’s Pyramid of Need, a next stage can not be reached until the previous one has been fulfilled. “In plain language, this means that companies either do not set goals outside their development stage or fail,” says his colleague Stefan Daniel. Therefore, a development program is required to first advance the personal development on an individual level in order to then implement it in the company.

Do we all have to go to the couch now?

If the assumption comes up that now the club of the rating is noisy, was wrong. Errors are merely heuristics or indicators of thought forms. The most effective way to develop skills is the internal focus on structures of meaning building, combined with an external and contextualized focus on performance. Rather, it is about earlier or later stages, and this is not directly related to intelligence. Leaders at any later stage of development bring in all dimensions higher performance through ego development. Synchronize is the first self-development tool that has been validated for decades and has far-reaching implications for the personality and the company as a whole. “This is a real transformation possible,” reports the Dipl.Kaufmann and psychologist dr. Binder, who works as an organization consultant and coach.

Book: “I-Development for Effective Counseling” Author Dr.Th.Binder, V & R Verlag 2016